Click Here Opens in new windowThe Recreation Department is pleased to offer a year-round gymnastics program for all ages and abilities at the John G. Martin Gymnasium! We offer several sessions each year, as well as camps, one-day programs, cheer clinics, birthday parties, and a competitive gymnastics team. Our program’s mission is to facilitate the development of good sportsmanship, confidence, and self-esteem by providing an enjoyable gymnastics experience at both recreational and competitive levels.

Through its 40+ year history, this program has given more than 45,000 children the opportunity to participate in gymnastics. The competitive program represents the Ojai Valley Gymnastics Team in local, state, and regional competitions. This program is a great way for anyone of any age to get out and play!  We are a proud participant of the USA Gymnastics Program!

Check out these great competition photos of the Ojai Valley Gymnastic Team!

Classes offered through this program include but are not limited to:

Tiny Tots

This class is designed for our youngest gymnasts (2-4 years of age) and is a partner participation class that allows parents or partners to bond with their child. In this class, children will be introduced to many different movements and equipment to enhance their coordination as they learn to take their first steps in life. The goal of this class is to develop the child’s motor skills, provide a foundation for more advanced movement classes, and build social skills.


Our Kindergym Program is for children ages 4-6. In this program, children will learn the basic gymnastics skills in a fun and playful atmosphere. The class teaches beginning tumbling, bar, balance beam, and vaulting skills, all at an appropriate level for their age and ability. Participants are divided into groups according to their birthdates.

Open Gym

This class is open to the general public for participants 7 years of age and older. All skill levels are welcome, even those without prior gymnastics experience. Participants can register for the entire session or participate as a drop-in.

Adult Class

Adults, join us for a fun class that incorporates balance, flexibility, stretching, and strength while maintaining and enhancing your gymnastics abilities. This is the perfect chance to explore the kid in you!  Our passionate gymnastics instructors will lead participants through various activities while creating a fun and stimulating environment. This offering is a great alternative to traditional exercise. Participants can register for the entire session or participate as a drop-in. All skill levels and abilities are welcome!


Our STARS gymnastics curriculum has been carefully developed for each level, providing the perfect balance of merriment and skill acquisition. Participants are monitored and evaluated for progress, ensuring each child is kept appropriately challenged and feeling confident about their participation and progression. Our classes are designed to serve an array of dexterity: ranging from the newest beginner to the impressively advanced. The goal of the STARS program is to assist participants in acquiring the skills needed to participate in the TEAM program. 

Most children begin with entry-level classes and are invited to advance to the next level after showing completion of the skills for their level. If your child has previous gymnastics experience, we will evaluate to determine the appropriate placement. All classes are subject to availability. To discuss placement, please call (805) 646-5581 ext. 305.

Movie Stars

The Movie Star program is the entry-level program of the series. In these classes, gymnasts have the ability to develop self-esteem and feel a sense of achievement as they begin to build their skills. As set by USA Gymnastics, both boys and girls have their own set of skills they must pass in order to progress to the next level. Progression is based on ability, not age, allowing children to move at their own pace.

Rock Stars 

The Rock Star program is the advanced entry-level of the series. These classes are designed to teach advanced entry-level skills in a fun and safe environment. In these classes, participants can improve their strength, coordination, confidence, and flexibility. This is a 3-day-a-week program that allows participants to develop the necessary abilities to advance to the next level. 

Super Stars

The Super Star Program is the intermediate level of the series. These classes are developed to further enhance participants’ strength, coordination, confidence, and flexibility. Like the Rock Stars, this is a 3-day-a-week program that teaches the necessary skills to advance to the next level.

All-Stars (Pre-Team)

The All-Star Program is the advanced level of the series. At this level, gymnasts work to perfect their skills and abilities in order to participate in the TEAM Program. Instruction will focus on round offs and back handsprings, vault, bars, beam, and floor routines- while increasing strength and flexibility. As with the Rock Star and Super Star programs, this is a 3 days-a-week program for advanced-level participants. All participants must have completed the Super Star Program prior to participating at this level.


The Team Program is the pinnacle of our gymnastics program! Participants at this level compete in local, state, and regional competitions hosted by USA Gymnastics in either the USAG Development Program or the Xcel Program. As with the aforementioned programs, TEAM gymnasts will continue to develop previously learned skills and work to build on their strength, conditioning, flexibility, and agility. This too, is a 3 days-a-week program for advanced-level participants. All participants must have completed the All-Star Program prior to participating at this level.

Gymnast Swinging on a Bar
Youth Gymnastics